BBC EdgeCreate a brand new channel targeted towards the 16-24 year old demographic. Give it a unique name and a distinctive identity. The name doesn’t have to include ‘BBC’ but it should be catchy and relevant to this age group.
Create an Ident that will play on the channel between programs and remind the viewer what channel they’re currently watching.

The Concept:

BBC EDGE is a brand new television channel. It covers a bunch of topics that are both current and relevant to its young target audience – music, E-sports, app previews, viral news, games, environment and much much more!

But what makes BBC Edge different from other media channels from the same genre is that the target audience will be engaging and contributing content to the channel. With the ever-advancing development of media streaming, it is now possible to have digital cameras with sim cards fitted that will allow for footage filmed and be uploaded to media space. It is also possible to upload media to the channel media space via smartphone devices. This is where the name for the channel originated from, it is allowing viewers to contribute content, to see more of a topic and not just the mainstream media, but the ability to see the bigger picture and what happens at the edge of a story or event.


BBC Edge from Charlotte Mead on Vimeo.

Campaign Development:

For the channel to be successful it needs to communicate effectively with the target market. The research has already shown that the new audience are constantly in contact via hand-held devices. So much so, its often referred to as being an extension to their hands. This has led to the audience developing F.O.M.O or Fear Of Missing Out. This would indicate an ideal area to consider significant advertising to communicate with the new audience. Apps such as SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter all provide advertising opportunities, and would also provide excellent channels for taster content and general engagement with the audience. Print advertising would be less effective as the new Target audience are less likely to engage with printed materials, instead preferring a digital alternative and Vlogs. You Tube is an area that should also be utilised, both with demographic ad targeting and also as a channel to display media on too. Out Of Home (OOH) advertising would also provide another excellent platform for communication, and with the ever increasing growth of digital billboards, it could provide an excellent incentive and opportunity to showcase the user generated content.

Skills used on project included:

Brand research, ideation and storyboarding
Motion Graphics development and execution with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.