Last week I completed my first 50mile ride, a bit of a milestone, a huge achievement for me. A significant distance that I didn’t struggle to finish and enjoyed too, especially when the ride was with the Pontypool Road Cycling Club ladies group who are certainly not slow!Cake
But the longest ride section on Strava didn’t stay at 50miles for long, for just a week later I rode with the Newport social cycling group to Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, a ride over 60miles with a fantastic cake stop. In fact, the ride should have been over 70 miles, but the refreshments that feature at Hill village hall provided to be too much of a distraction and I never actually made it onto Berkeley castle that’s just a few more miles along the road.

Hill Village put on an amazing spread of sweet and savoury snacks on the first Sunday in every month throughout the summer. Rumours of such a feast of cake and other homemade treats have spread far and wide, with cycling groups riding from Bristol, Bath, Birmingham and further afield to indulge in such a range of homemade delights.

Cycling to Berkeley may well become a monthly occurrence, specifically on the first Sunday of the month. Who knows, I might even make it to the Castle next time!