Use Ford as a catalyst to create lasting city-wide change to how we get around.

1. Select a place in need of change…

Choose a large city or a megacity with complex transport needs. It can be anywhere in the world, but you must explain why you chose it.

2. …and use a Ford technology, mobility experiment or asset…

You must make use of a Ford technology, experiment or asset as part of your response but you can be creative with it. Think laterally.

3. …to change a movement-related behaviour or issue for the better.

Develop a campaign, product, or experience to create lasting, positive behaviour change to improve everyday movement around the city.


Nearly 12 million journeys are made in London daily using Trains, Buses and the Underground. With some daily journeys taking up to 70minutes each way, commuters are often resentful of the time wasted travelling, and frequently turn to audio entertainment as a way of breaking up longer journeys and passing the time.

Using Ford Active Noise Control technology to create Amplifi, an enhanced listening experience, it will help the travellers to experience better personal journeys daily and create smarter movement throughout the travel network for all.

Competition Entry Slides:


Hardworking and enthusiastic creative thinker and copywriter based in South Wales.
I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple creative solutions.