I consider myself incredibly lucky to be classed a creative person; only I must do more to look after this talent.  It’s an ability that cannot always be taught, but what can be learned is how to channel it and maintain it.

The capacity to be creative in any form is not something that can be turned off or on like the flick of a switch. But, one thing I have been aware of but ignored previously; is that the creative thought process can be hindered really quickly and easily. Except it’s not effortless, the subconscious pressure I’ve been to myself and my work this last few weeks have been colossal.  But, it has not been productive.  In fact, far from it, the mental effort has constrained my ability to be creative and to explore all channels of creativity when working with thoughts and concepts.

The best way to describe the situation is like reading a superb book, the storyline is enticing, it’s beginning to get exciting and drawing you into the plot, you start to feel intrigued, emotionally connected with the feature character, and you are attached to the heart of the storyline. What’s going to happen next, where will the scenario take you?

The brutal and cruel answer to these intriguing questions is nowhere, Why?  Because the book slams shut with great force, laughing, taunting and jeering at you. If you’re lucky, you might see a dark, expansive space, but that’s all, leaving you feeling hurt, lost and dejected.

So where do you go now? What do you do? How do you try and pick yourself up and get back into the book and storyline?  These are questions that I hope can be answered sooner rather than later.  There is no point in trying to battle with a closed mind, desperately trying to prise it open again and get back to where you were.  The best thing I can do is take a break, both with my conscious and subconscious attempts to complete the tasks and take some time out.  Stop putting pressure on myself to succeed and to do it to a level that’s unrealistic.  Walk away from the jeering and bitter book; it will open again when it needs attention.

Creativity needs me as much as I love and need creativity.


Hardworking and enthusiastic creative thinker and copywriter based in South Wales.
I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple creative solutions.