Create ideas and recommendations of how the White Dove Group Ltd could use Exterion Media including creative concepts & strategic plan to amplify or improve on their current marketing strategy..


White Dove

White Dove use retention marketing techniques to stay in touch with their customers  and White Dove believe in providing a continued open dialogue with their customers and pride them selves on doing so. This is done by the means of a large database that holds information on all their clients, their cars and spend with the dealerships.


Customers are becoming increasingly tech savvy and are researching cars at home, both online and through printed media before visiting the garage.  Often with a 3,2,1 Statistic. In other words, researching and selecting 3 cars prior to garage visit, test driving 2 and more often than not purchasing 1.

Solution:White Dove

White Dove Group using 360° film footage on both their websites and direct mail campaigns to showcase car test drives for the customer, this allows the customer to test drive the car regardless of where they are.