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Create a campaign to identify and make aware the rising numbers of young people that are affected by the side effects of head related trauma injuries. Create a marketing and advertising strategy to launch an app and communicate its benefits to both parents, clubs, schools and equally as important raise awareness of the app to the children themselves, and that its there to support them and help them.


With children being actively encouraged to take part in sport based activities and even basic outdoor play, the risk of accidents

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and injuries increases, but the benefits to the general health and well-being of the child far out weighs the risks of a bump or accident. However, when an accident does happen,

the correct protocol needs to be followed and safe guarding measures put into place to protect the child.

Sadly this is not always the case, and often can be attributed to lack of first aid training or understanding, a child that insists that they’re ok, or the worst scenario, when the child is not ok and the parent / coach / teacher insists they get up and carry on. This situation can be seen on sports fields and events on a weekly basis, and unless the referee or person in control of the event prevents the child returning to play, the child can be exposed to further injury and other
more serious scenarios.


By creating an app that tests for the symptoms of concussion, it will support the coaches / teachers and parents to make an informed choice for the welfare of their child, and will also create a 3rd party (unrelated to all parties) decision on the fitness of the child to continue with their chosen activity, and this can potentially defuse pushy parents and coaches who want a child to get up and play when its probably not in the childs best interests.


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