A peaceful retreat where two worlds meet, childhood memories of happiness and fun where the climate or calendar is irrelevant for some. Forces of nature whip the sand grains into memorising infinite shapes and patterns, which are interlaced with resilient beach grass, offering a welcome shelter and a haven of life in the otherwise arid surroundings.
Saline rhythmic waves of unharnessed power flood over the sandy shores, creating textures on the sands and abandoning debris, before sweeping back to the deep to gather forces once more. Salty water conceals another world that’s hidden from the naked eye. Worlds that are so different and where the creatures and their needs are a contrast from the world above; yet the rocky landscapes and its characteristics can look all too familiar.

Clinging tightly to the stoney sceneries, their sticky lifelines holding them in numbers. Black shells glisten in the light, reflecting an array of mesmerising metallic colours. Mussels gather, their giant family collections in areas that are rich in nutrients. Seaweed glistens in small rays of light, dancing and swaying in the waters energies. Waving like green fields of corn in a hazy summer breeze. Providing food, shelter and haven to the smallest of inhabitants. Concealed from the predators prying eyes.

As the tidal flow retreats, exposing the hidden world, naked for all to see. A fleeting glance it looks barren and bare, but look deeper, and discover the secrets hidden under the sea.




Hardworking and enthusiastic creative thinker and copywriter based in South Wales.
I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple creative solutions.