To lose something most important, something so precious and close to you that would leave you completely devastated, abandoned and extremely vulnerable.

Of course, families, close friends and loyal pets would feature highly in that previous statement, but for me, it would be equally devastating to lose memories.
After all, memories are like photographs of the past, snippets of life experiences, emotions and feelings that are all united and stored deep within our subconscious minds. Often a smell, song or visual occurrence’s ignited that hidden memory, and suddenly emotions and thoughts are racing and flooding through our minds.

But what would it be like to lose these precious memories?  Key moments, important dates, the ability to recognise friends and family all gone forever.  Almost like losing your diary or your phone, only it’s worse, it’s losing everything you’ve ever had. Your catalogue of life vanished and replaced with a book filled with stark white pages.


Hardworking and enthusiastic creative thinker and copywriter based in South Wales.
I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple creative solutions.