Tell, inspire and engage consumers and customers with our brand and what it stands for – Bold, Mischievous, Inclusive, Rooted in Somerset. This to be an integrated campaign, so the ‘Pig Idea’ must come to life in more than one channel or medium.Orchard Pig

The Concept:

The concept for the Orchard Pig campaign is based around the fictitious rural village of Blardsey-tew (anagram of West Bradley) and the local village fete that’s organised by the local folk. With a wide range of traditional English events that are proving to be ever popular in modern times, the residents of Blardsey-tew challenge the British public to take part in events across the UK, challenge their ‘inner-pig’ and ultimately be as happy as a pig in….

The Strategy:

Orchard PigWhile the Blardsey-tew village fete is an imaginary event, the competitions it promotes are very real and happen yearly throughout the United Kingdom. Orchard Pig, the fete sponsors are encouraging the public to visit these very real and popular events around the UK and take part whenever possible. Each of the of the nation’s oldest and most spectacular traditional events will be championed by the Orchard Pig Brand this summer as part of a marketing campaign focussed on ‘challenging your inner-pig’. Each event will receive national and local Out of Home advertising, print coverage as well as an extensive Social Media campaign covering several platforms. Also with the Orchard Pig bar in attendance at the selected events, it allows the consumer to engage and enjoy the brand during the event too. Making it a notoriously fun proposal to reach out to new and existing Orchard pig drinkers.

YC Orchard Pig - Concept
YCN Orchard Pig - The 'Pig' Idea
YCN Orchard Pig - Event Calendar
YCN Orchard Pig - Event Calendar
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YCN Orchard Pig - Strategy
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